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How to Build a Outdoor Kitchen

Wanting to build a outdoor kitchen of your dreams? You will want to know the following tips before building your outdoor kitchen. 

Pick a spot you want your kitchen to be located. Don't pick an area with high winds. Wind is problematic for built-in grills in outdoor kitchens. The wind will push the head back into the grill which heats up the control panel. If this happens you grill will perform horribly, heat the control panel and may burn your hand while operating the control knobs, burn electronics..

Picking a Grill:
You need to ask yourself a few questions before picking a built-in grill. 
  1. What fuel/gas type will I be using?
    1. Natural Gas (gas from the city)
    2. Propane Gas (small propane tank or large tank that supplies house)
    3. Charcoal (small charcoal briquettes)
  2. How many people do I normally cook for?
    1. 1-4 People: a 24-26" grill will work great
    2. 4-6 People: a 30-36" grill will work great
    3. 6+ People: a 36-48" grill will work great
  3. How often do I cook outdoors?
    1. 1-5 times a month? We recommend the RCS Brand Grills (Found Here)
    2. 5-10 times a month? We recommend the AOG Grills (Found Here)
    3. 3 times a week? We recommend the Fire Magic Grills (Found Here)
  4. How long do I want my grill to last? 
    1. 1-10 Years? We Recommend the RCS Brand Grills )Found Here)
    2. 10-15 Years? We recommend the AOG Grills (Found Here)
    3. Lifetime? We recommend the Fire Magic Grills (Found Here)
Picking Accessories:
Now that you found a grill, next step is outdoor kitchen accessories (found here). You need at least 1 access door (found here) to get to the gas connections for your grill and at least 2 ventilation panels (found here) to allow your kitchen to breathe to help reduce the built-up heat inside the cabinet.

Time to Build:
Now that you found what you want in your outdoor kitchen, its time to either start drawing out how big of a kitchen you are going to build. If you are hiring a contractor or building this kitchen yourself, you will need the cut out dimensions found on each products page to give your builder. The cut outs are the dimensions required for the products to fit in the cabinet (note: The cut outs are for reference only, we highly recommend having the product on site during construction to prevent errors).

  • Do not use combustible materials such as wood
  • Pick a gas type, grill size, grill brand and grill model
  • Pick the outdoor kitchen accessories you want in your kitchen
  • Provide cut outs or model numbers to builder/contractor to have kitchen designed
  • Have more than one company quote your kitchen design
  • Order your products from GrillandLogs.com and have them onsite during construction.
  • Enjoy your new investment!
If you have any type of questions please let us know, that's why we're here!